How is BooZi?

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Cassi, Texas

"I love my BooZi!! πŸ˜"

Rob, California 

"I wont make this long winded. For years I have loved wine. I fell in love with it when I was stationed in Italy. My landlords made their own wine. Anyway, I would go through a bottle or 2 a night for years with the wife. Then, somewhere, somehow, the both of us started to become allergic to it when we drank it. Watery, itchy eyes, stuffed nose etc. my wife got it worse than I did though. We figured it was the sulfites and we have scaled back to around a bottle a week or less. Our allergies just got that bad. I searched high and low for something, tried every aerator and tool to see if we can get back to enjoying wine regularly. Nothing worked. We started to invest in more expensive, refined bottles of wine. Still, the same old issue. I happen to see an ad for this, this Boozi on FB and did some research. The one thing that stood out, it was cheap compared to those plastic filters you pour wine through and have to replace the little filter every bottle, and it cost like 100 bucks. The Boozi was better, because it was just the filter, placed in the wine. Genius! So, I bot the party pack, I mean 1 Boozi works on 12 bottles of wine, and I am willing to bet I can get another bottle or 2 out of one filter if I keep it clean. So, I tried it, I tried it on a bottle of wine I knew I already liked the taste. Hess Treo. Not only did my wife and I not get congested, but it did enhance the wine, the smooth crisp flavor was stronger without the ting that wine can get on that first sip, no matter how great or expensive the wine is. I then tried it on a bottle of "cheaper" quality and before Boozi, there was not much taste, sorta watery if you will. Popped in the Boozi, waited 9 hours, which I found to be the best time in my testing, and it made that cheap wine actually palatable. It was fruity, but still watery. I did not have to dump it because it tasted like Hi-C. This thing works. I am telling ya! For those of you who have allergies to preservatives, sulfites and the like, you must give this a try. You will not regret it. My wife and I can now enjoy a glass of wine with dinner nightly and not save it just for the weekends when we don't have to get up. Great find."

Holly, Minnesota
β€œ Very unique product! Very easy to use and makes my cheaper budget liquor taste like the finer things in life! Thank you BooZi! β€œ

Sheila, South Carolina
β€œ I have been able to enjoy a good night out and still get up feeling great the next day ever since the BooZi came out. ”

Mandie, North Dakota
β€œ I love this product. Not only does it take out what I don't want to be drinking, but it makes it taste better too. We have also used it for water, ours isn't so great. What a difference. You can see and taste the difference! Thank you BooZi for "cleaning" up what we drink in our home! ”

Brain, Massachusetts
β€œWOW You got to try this! Amazing tastes results and No Hangover the next day! Where was this when I was in college!”

Briana, South Carolina
β€œGreat company with products that do what they say! Love the BooZi!”

Geoffrey, South Carolina

β€œDrank way too much Early Times last night but the BooZi saved me form a terrible hangover. I actually felt more productive the next day at work. Thank you BooZi! β€œ

Alex, South Carolina
β€œI Am A Believer! β€œ

Brad, South Carolina
β€œ It Works! β€œ

Cliff & Sue, Minnesota
β€œ We can’t drink without a BooZi now ! β€œ

TZ, South Carolina
I really enjoy the benefit of your product.  I use it in my lower priced Vodka's and it really makes them a lot smoother.  I also don't have the hangovers that I used to get prior to using the BooZi.

Matthew V, South Carolina
I must say it works! I have used it in Vodka and retail moonshine it made a huge difference in the taste. I went to a tasting and tried several before and after samples and then tried it on my own. I am a believer.

David J, South Carolina
I have personally used this product multiple times and it really works. I normally drink bourbon and it does make a lesser bourbon taste much better. I tried it in tequila at a party and the difference was amazing.

Margaret G, Minnesota
Love the product. Can't believe what a difference it makes. I sell it in my store and my customers think that it is the best.

Liz, SC
I'm not a big drinker but with the Boozi product, I actually enjoy having one. It takes the burn out most liquors by taking the impurities out, making it smooth. You can also enjoy your water tasting better by removing the impurities from it as well. I definitely recommend this product. Who wouldn't want to take a cheap bottle wine or liquor and make it taste like top shelf with reduction of hangovers :) great gift idea to friends and family as well!

Wendy, FL
The Boozi product is great! I don't feel like there is a need to pay top shelf prices at the liquor store anymore. Just put a Boozi in an affordable brand of liquor and it will drink smoother than the top shelf in no time at all. And even better yet- I feel just fine the next morning!

Kelly H, SC
This product is amazing! I drank an entire bottle of cheap wine last night (I hope this is a judgement free zone), and I feel great this morning! Two glasses of the same untreated wine has always given me a headache, so I'm definitely always using a BooZi! I love that they're reusable too!

Joey O, SC
I figured I would try it on some wine - a cheap Cabernet, oh wait, let me say an inexpensive Cabernet that I already had at home. I figured that testing it on a inexpensive bottle of Cabernet would really tell how well it might take the "pucker" out of your mouth. (Those that drink Cabernet, especially inexpensive Cabernet know what I'm talking about). So, here is what I did. I opened the bottle and slowly poured a glass full out of it into a mason jar - very slowly like when pouring a beer in a glass - so I wouldn't airate it - and then tightened the air-tight lid. Then, after reading and following the directions on the BooZi package, dropped the BooZi into the wine bottle and immediately corked it back up. I figured now each of those had the same certain amount of air exposure and now were air-tight again. The package on the BooZi said wait 4-6 hours for wine but I figured over night might even be better. So, the next evening around 7pm it was time for my own taste test! I poured a glass out of the bottle into a clean wine glass and then poured what was in the mason jar into another matching clean wine glass. First I looked and smelled each one. They looked the same but smelled totally different! Wow! So then the tasting... I first tasted the one that came from the bottle with the BooZi... Hmmmm, it was really good. It tasted like a good wine. A little smooth. Some grapes. Some alcohol taste. Hell I would drink it. OK, so now on to the glass that was just from the mason jar (non-BooZi). Good Lord! I got that mouth "pucker" again. Holy Cow Batman! This BooZi thing really worked! This glass seemed really awful after drinking the BooZi one. It was "thicker" tasting and had a sharpness to it. So I went back and tasted the other one again, then back to the other one, then back again, then again... Seriously the BooZi really made a difference. For how I tested it, and then for how I tasted it, next time I drink a bottle of Cabernet, I'm sticking a BooZi in it first!
Here is a little note and addition: about half the bottle was remaining and it still had the BooZi in it so the evening after my taste test, I got to drink another glass out of it. Well I'll be damned... this glass was even better than last night's glass! So I would now have to say that I would agree that the longer you keep the BooZi in the bottle, the better your "Booze" will be! Excellent! Well, let me get going as I need to "officially" buy a BooZi so I can try it next on my favorite bottle of whiskey! I'll try to keep you posted on that taste test too!