Swingin Single Summer Sharing SPECIAL

Swingin Single Summer Sharing SPECIAL

25.00 35.96

Give the gift of better BooZe! In this 4 pack Special for $ 25, we have discounted our Swingin Singles to $6.25 each from $ 8.99, so you can have more gift giving power and WOW your Friends, Family and co-workers!

You're BooZe never tasted better and You never felt so GOOD!

Qty 1. BooZi

The Swingin Single is a great first try or gift giving option. You will receive a single BooZi which can be reused in up to 12 bottles of wine OR 4 large half gallons of hard alcohol. BooZi is a device that removes impurities and toxins from your favorite Alcohols and wine (including sulfites) so your body doesn't have to dramatically reducing hangover symptoms. 48 Hours for hard alcohol and 4-6 hours for wine. Reusable and all materials are FDA approved. Made in the USA Tested and verified by a major university. See how great BooZi can be in your life!


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