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Sheila likes to drink. Not in a raging poorly functioning alcoholic kind of way, but in a truly just enjoys a good drink at the right time kind of way. A lifestyle of slowing down and enjoying a good drink. A BooZi lifestyle. Your drinks taste amazing and you can function the next day! She always says, “You invest in your hangover. The higher on the shelf, the lesser of a hangover. The top shelf is distilled and filtered more than the less expensive version.”

This is where the BooZi fits in. The reason you have the face shake after a shot of strong booze or get sick the next day is due greatly on the impurities left behind after the distillation and filtering process called negative congeners. After years of messing around with many ideas from college parties to her personal bar became the idea of BooZi. An easy to use device you simply drop in your bottle and let it do all the work. Better yet, let’s make it reusable and affordable so anyone could use it from bottom shelf to the tippity top.

Bonus, it even improves wine by removing sulfites.  Sheila and her friends have been heavily testing BooZi for a few years now and had it verified by a major university. Now it’s time to bring it to you.

Welcome to the BooZi life!


 -Cheers and Up Yours! 


Drink Smarter.

BooZi acts like a magnet to draw in impurities leftover from the distillation or fermentation process and traps them inside. Since the actual alcohol molecules are too large to pass through, the BooZi does not effect the specific gravity of your wine or spirits so you still get the buzz but without the extra toxins and byproducts your body would otherwise have to metabolize.  When you metabolize an abundance of those impurities you are left with hangover symptoms. Those impurities are what also gives you the bitter aftertaste in your drinks. We worry about the toxins going in our food, what about the ones residing in our drinks?