Father's Day 2018

Father’s Day 2018

As a father of two boys who one of which became a teenager this year my thought turns to how they will be needing a car soon… and then looking at colleges. As a Father you always want or feel the need to always give the very best, to give them more than you had, and push them to exceed what you have done. In society today, we also push ourselves and children to have big goals. When I was 13-30 I didn't have goals... I just did like my parents and worked hard and good stuff happened! I think we put too much stress big goals. Our children need the freedom to try new things and even fail. Businesses have and need goals, our children need to live life and figure out what it is they want in life before setting goals. Don’t get me wrong, they still need to at least figure out a path like college, vocational training, or just getting a job. Setting the big goal like going to college, getting married, opening a practice, getting the fancy car, or overpriced house… those things can happen with hard work and experimenting with life along the way. Don’t let the big goals run you. You need to eat dirt, learn to fail, and succeed along the way for a while before you become successful.

Brian O’Neil

BooZi llc
Conway, SC

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Sheila Walberg-O'Neil