Wild Rice Soup with Optional Tofu

4 Cups of cooked Wild Rice

8 Cups of Veggie Stock

3 tbsp of Vegan Butter

2 Cups chopped Celery

2 Cups of chopped Carrot

1 Large Onion Chopped

4 cloves of Garlic minced

8 oz Mushrooms sliced

8 oz veggie cream cheese

4 tbsp of Arrow Root Powder

1 cup of soy milk

1\3 cup of BooZi treated Cabernet or Zinfendel

Salt N Peppa to taste

Tofu* Totally optional. I had to use it up. 

In a large stock pot on medium heat, put in Vegan butter and melt. Add in Celery, carrot, onion, mushrooms and garlic. Cover, stir occasionally until tender. Add in wild rice, veggie stock and soy milk and bring to a simmer. Whisk in the Arrow root powder, drop in Vegan Cream cheese and stir in until melted and blended. If you didnt drink all the wine, stir it in now. :)  Add in Salt and peppa to taste and enjoy!!