Whining about Sulfites....what's so bad?

After Drinking Wine, do you experience the following within 24 hours?


Blotchy skin, redness, rash or flushing of the face?

Respiratory issues, stuffiness and nasal congestion?

Upset stomach, diarrhea and vomiting?

Drop in blood pressure and dizziness?

You are not alone. Sulfite sensitivity affects millions of people today, many of whom are unaware of their own sensitivity to this preservative. Sulfite sensitivity reactions can vary from mild to life threatening in some and are currently regarded as one of the top food allergens affecting the general population today. The FDA prohibits the use of sulfites on fruits and vegetables intended to be served raw or presented as fresh and as it was carried over to the alcohol side, the companies were just required to label the presence of sulfites in plain sight on the products.

So what are Sulfites? Known as (SO2) Sulfur Dioxide, a chemical compound added to wine, to preserve it for shipment and to prolong the shelf life for retail. Commercial winemakers use sulfites as a preservative to ship their products for consumers and are added to prevent oxidation and keep the wine from going bad. In fact, sulfites are one of the only ingredients within alcoholic beverages that must be declared clearly on the label.

The maximum allowable levels of sulfites in wine vary from common commercial at 350ppm added sulfites to fully organic wines containing 10ppm of naturally occurring sulfites in the tannins. Don’t be fooled by labeling however, “Made with Organic Grapes” wines are allotted 150ppm of added sulfites which is half of what commercial wines have but no one usually is half allergic or sensitive.

Good news is that in 4-6 hours treated with a BooZi removes the sulfites and you can enjoy a glass of joy again! A single BooZi is also reusable on up to 12 bottles of wine. A whole case! I recommend you sticking to either whites or reds with one BooZi, good news is that the Happy Couple is a 2 pack so you can treat both kinds! 


Sheila Walberg-O'NeilBooZi