Dehydration and Alcohol

Remember the term when you are drinking with your friends about not breaking the seal? When we drink we use the restroom more frequently. But did you know that alcohol also causes us to produce a more urine?

 Studies have found that alcohol suppresses the secretion of an anti-diuretic hormone. The hormone, called vasopressin, is responsible for telling the kidneys to conserve and recycle body water. Since the hormone is suppressed, our bodies don’t get the signal, and this vital water is lost. Not only is water lost, but also important electrolytes and minerals your body needs. For some, symptoms of dehydration set in only after being 2% dehydrated.

When planning a night where alcohol is the star, always remember to replenish your body with water before, during, and after your event. BooZi will do its part to remove the nasty impurities so your body does not have to process them but it can’t save you from dehydration. Always drink responsibly and smart.