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      Drink Smarter.

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What is BooZi? 

I knew from an early age that you invested in your hangover. Being a party girl, I grew tired of trying to have a great time but always trying to out run the consequences. In college I spent a great deal of time pin pointing why we get hangovers at all. While trying various methods and research, life got in the way and my ideas of creating a magical unicorn for the party people would have to wait. Fast forward a decade and pitching the idea, we were able to expound on the concept and create a prototype. Having various models and sizes we found one that worked and had it tested at Coastal Carolina University to confirm that it was in fact removing the chemicals called congeners that attribute to the hangover. Trying to get the message out on our own without outside funding has been a challenge. Those who try the taste comparison alone are believers, not to mention the real testers who wake up the next morning feeling a lot better than they have a right to. So now we are on our mission of getting BooZi out on the market and educating on the effects of congeners to your health.